May 16, 2022
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Places for Snorkeling & Scuba Diving in Florida 

Take a look at a map of Florida to see the plethora of places you could scuba dive or snorkeling. These locations are within a few hours’ drive of virtually any location in the state.

You could dive from the highest points in the state to the lowest points in the Florida Keys – and anywhere in between. Where is the best Scuba Diving in Florida?  Here is a list of the best scuba diving spots in Florida, as well as some of the best snorkeling spots.

Best Locations for Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Florida

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National Park of the Dry Tortugas

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, you’ll agree that some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in North America is situated 70 miles west of Key West on the coral islands. A plethora of vibrant tropical fish live beneath the enormous ramparts of Fort Jefferson and on a blanket of stunning white sand.

The shallow waters of this clear water Florida makes it ideal for first-time snorkelers. This protected marine sanctuary is home to an abundance of vibrant corals, numerous species of tropical fish, starfish, and queen conchs.

A side trip to the Windjammer wreck is an excellent bonus to your snorkel adventure.

This 261-foot Schooner wreck, located close off the coast of Loggerhead Key, is separated into two distinct wreckage fields.

The bow section is roughly 110 feet in length and faces east-west. The construction of the midships, stern, and mainmast runs north-south and measures around 110 feet in length. Additionally, thousands of tropical fish and spiny lobster call it home.

Ginnie Springs Snorkeling Spots

If you’re new to snorkelling, Ginnie Springs is the perfect place to start! It is a privately controlled spring system in the heart of Highland Springs, Florida. It’s a two-hour west drive from Clearwater Beach and a two-hour west trip from Jacksonville.

Additionally, it is one of the closest dive locations to North Florida for people who do not wish to travel all the way south.

Ginnie Springs is home to seven distinct freshwater springs ranging in size from tiny to large, all of which are connected to the Santa Fe River that runs through the area’s back.

This Scuba Diving Florida has facilities like you may stay overnight in one of their several basic campsites or book an RV parking space with electricity and water.

To find out more about the best spots you can head to PlayUp and read more.

To Cave Dive: Blue Grotto and Devil’s Den

The Devil’s Den near the little hamlet of Williston, this fern-draped sinkhole offers an unusual geological environment and was once supposed to be the den of hell by early settlers, as steam rising from the warm waters in winter does bore a likeness to the term.

Divers are aware of this, as do snorkelers who enter the underground basin 60 feet below via the open steps from this window above. The water depths range between 50 and 100 feet, however divers are not permitted to enter the cave systems.

Blue Grotto: The Blue Grotto is a vast clear-water cavern located just a short distance from the Devil’s Den. The maximum depth that divers of all skill levels may reach is 100 feet.

The compressed air-supplied bell at 30 feet is a showpiece of the scuba diving clear water Florida. You can enter and remove your regulator from your mouth mid-dive to communicate with your buddy. This location is well-known for having some of Florida’s best scuba diving spots.

To Dive with Sea Turtles: West Palm Beach

The swiftly running water corridor provides a unique combination of outstanding visibility, stunning corals, and a thriving life source in the form of marine estuaries that serve as a breeding ground for marine species. Drifting smoothly over mile after mile of magnificent coral reef and clouds of fish is similar to visiting an underwater zoo.

These fish-filled seas provide divers with more possibilities to contact with large animals such as sea turtles than almost anywhere else on Earth.

Between May and September, it’s not unusual to see a dozen or more of these large cruisers drifting alongside you and your companion. This Scuba Diving Florida keys in diving with a shark or sailfish. Just keep in mind that you are on the migratory path of whales and other maritime wildlife.


How much does Scuba Diving cost in Florida?

In Florida, it can cost you around $175.00-$190.00 per person which includes all the rental equipments for Scuba Diving, fees of the boat and also the pool fees.

Florida has no such laws that require Scuba Divers to be certified and hence even if you don’t possess a license for Scuba Diving in Florida, you can go for it.

What is the best place for Scuba Diving Naples Florida?

SCUBAdventures Naples is one among the best place for scuba diving Naples Florida. It is serving since past 28 years and offers equipment, servicing, trips and lessons for all level divers. The place has certified thousands of divers and ran hundreds of dive tips throughout the world.


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